Saturday, December 15, 2007

On the Third Day of Christmas I Posted on My Blog

Guitar Hero III

The newest addition to our family. Awwwww! Isn't he cute? I totally love this game. On Tuesday I called Target to see if they had any in stock and they told me no. I found myself there later that day and wandered over to electronics just to check things out. And what did my wondering eyes behold? The last copy of Guitar Hero III sitting on the shelf. Pardon the surfer speak, but I was stoked! I'm guessing that I'm the only mom to buy this game for herself. I went straight home and played it. In fact, I beat the entire game by the next night. So, yeah, maybe it was set on Easy, but that's still pretty cool/pathetic. So now I can work on Medium.

This game was pretty much the only thing I wanted for Christmas. And now, with 10 days left until Christmas, I've already beat the game once. I'm not one of those "buy it, wrap it, and look at it under the tree for two weeks" kind of girls. I lack self discipline. Although after I bought the game, for nearly a minute, I seriously considered selling the game online and getting another copy later. But I really wanted the game and there's something about selling "hot" items for inflated prices that sucks the jolly right out of the season for me.

Now my big question is: How do I get just another guitar so James and I can battle? I've only seen the bundled packages. Maybe we'll have to wait on that one.


Christian & Erin said...

They do sell guitars separately. In fact, at our Wal-Mart, it was cheaper to buy GH II and the separate guitar than it was to buy them bundled! Go figure! But two nights ago Christian and I attempted the Heart song "Barracuda" on expert. We only got to 30%! Next time you and I get together, we'll have to have a duel.

The Millers said...

I'm going to have to come over and play. I've been wanting to see if I like that game. It looks like so much fun.