Friday, December 7, 2007

Flashback Friday - Ode to James' Car

Well hello there. Sorry it's been a while. Everyone is well. We are just busy with James' semester at school ending and holiday projects galore. Plus for the last week Zoe has been on a nap strike. So that makes my day not so much fun. Also not so productive. But it is Friday and I wanted to renew Flashback Friday before I forget about it forever.

Ahh, the Prelude. James has had this car for a while. we had a little scare right before Thanksgiving with it, but it is "fixed" again and hopefully will serve us for a long time to come. Sure one of the blinkers is literally hanging off of the car. Maybe the power steering is shot and the AC non-existent. So what if James has replaced the hood twice and underneath that careful spray paint job is oodles of rust? This car is a classic. So it's worth the small bribe and vast amounts of prayers required to pass safety and emissions each year. So here are some pictures from a road trip featuring the Prelude, 6 people (I believe) and a snowboard strapped to the roof.

Also, in a somewhat related matter. I've been so nice. I've put it to a vote, I've tried coercion. Now I resort to nothing less than blackmail. Hi LaDonna. I have a few wonderful pictures of you. They might just work their way onto this blog if you don't start your own. Or if you ask me nicely not to (and start a blog). Here is a sample. You have been warned.


Deneal said...

Bring on the LaDonna photos!

(You really do need to start a blog LaDonna and let us see pictures of those adorable kids!)

Christian & Erin said...

I second that Deneal!

Romney Family said...

I third and fourth that and Desta I love your flashback fridays. They are so great and give me a laugh everytime. Keep them coming!!