Friday, December 21, 2007

On the Ninth Day of Christmas I Posted on My Blog

Nine Old Christmas Pictures
AKA Flashback Friday: Christmases Long, Long Ago

Today I am combining Day 9 with Flashback Friday. A bit of a cop out? Yes, a little, but I am tired and there is still so much to do around our house to get ready for Christmas. And it's already Friday! It has really crept up on me, even though I've been looking forward to it all week.

Here are some pictures of my first Christmas, some early Christmases for James, and Zoe's first Christmas, both in Utah and in Oregon.

Desta - Christmas 1983
Desta with GarrettJamesCathy, JoAnne and JamesJames, Fern and JoAnne
Zoe's Official Christmas Picture 2006
Zoe's First Encounter with SantaUtahOregon - Our First Christmas as a Family


Deneal said...

Wow, seeing those pictures of James as a kid I can see a lot of him in Zoe now! Wow, what a resemblance.

Cute Christmas flashbacks. Lots of happy faces.

Christian & Erin said...

I was thinking just how cute James was as a child, and how he looked like Zoe (or rather, how she looks like he did). Wow, what happened?

Just kidding, James. You're awesome.

Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

For me, it's so weird seeing James all grown up. I know this sounds silly, but I still picture him as a high school senior. When did he grow up? Oh, you're right probably while I was growing up too. Kate (my two year old) actually pointed him out as "the Daddy" in the picture.