Friday, February 20, 2009


Summer is right around the corner. Yes, it's February and still freezing and there is snow on the ground more often than not. But in my head it is May. I am already envisioning playing outside, walking to the park, working in the garden, lounging around in the lazy summer evenings, and making endless trips to the pool. So of course my focus lately has shifted to getting my body to a state of swimsuit readiness.

James surprised me and got me Wii Fit for Valentines (it's romantic if you know how much I wanted it and how he tricked me into thinking that he wasn't going to buy it until after we got things settled with his car). I've also picked up some lotion from the Body Shop to help with some problem areas (stretchmarks). So for the last week I've been playing games/working out, and basting myself, all the while daydreaming about laying out by the pool and not feeling self conscious (or at least not any more self conscious than I was before I had kids). Of course it was all too good to be true.

Owen has been getting a bit fussy lately and hasn't been eating well. And it hit me - when I was nursing Zoe I started up my previously normal yoga routine and she reacted the same way. For me, exercise + nursing = unhappy babies. So I will be cutting back on that or cutting it out completely until Owen is on solids. He is still refusing rice cereal so that could be a while.

Then my other dilemma. I have used my "special" lotion (read: expensive) twice. Last night I went to the bathroom and nearly shrieked at what I saw - a huge red rash all over my stomch and hips. It itched like crazy and looked atrocious. I'm hoping it's not related to the lotion, but it's the only culprit I can think of. I've stopped using it to see if the rash goes away. Then I'll cross my fingers it doesn't come back when I get brave enough to use it again.

So, for now, my dreams have been stifled and it is winter again. Or I might just start looking into wet suits.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

There's a lovely little tag going around Facebook right now and, like a few other people, I decided to incorporate it into my blog. But instead of telling you just any old 25 random facts about me, I've decided to list (and briefly explain) the 25 things I can't live without. Well, I guess I could live without them, but would I want to?

  1. Johnson's Shea & Cocoa Butter Lotion - I'm kind of a freak about lotion. In my younger days I was pretty obsessive about putting on lotion every single day. I'm not as obsessive now, but I still LOVE lotion. What I love even more is lotion that smells awesome without being too strong or having a fragrance you can name (like apples, vanilla, etc.). I found this lotion when I was pregnant with Owen and fell in love. I absolutely love the scent and the lotion works pretty well. As an added bonus, it gave me a Twilight moment. I usually put it on before bed and one night James grabbed my hand, held it to his face and told me how good I smelled. I just started laughing hysterically and had to explain the significance.
  2. Comet Bathroom Cleaner - This stuff is amazing. Not only does it get the normal, everyday grime, but it also works wonders on hard water stains. I spray it on my sinks and shower, leave it for a few minutes, then scrub everything down and it looks like new. Every once in a while I try a different product, but I always come back to this one.
  3. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - Do I really have to explain this one? Best. Candy. Ever. Oddly enough, I don't really like Reese's Pieces. Peanut Butter M&Ms are WAY better.
  4. Hot Chocolate - I can't go a day without a nice hot cup in the winter. And not just any hot chocolate, but the mix my mom makes. Luckily I have the recipe. I made nearly a ton of the mix and am almost out. No one else even had a cup. And is it weird that I just can't bring myself to call it Hot Cocoa?
  5. A Teapot - To go along with #4 and any other item that might need boiling water. Every stove I ever own will always have a teapot on a burner. Not that I collect them or own more than one. It just seems practical to have one around.
  6. Downy Fabric Softener in Waterlily and Jasmine - Again with the scent thing. I love the way this stuff smells. It's very distinct without being over powering.
  7. Wallet - I have this awesome wallet I got at The Organization Place in Orem. It looks a bit like a flask and the top is bungeed on. I can only put the necessary cards in there so it keeps clutter down. It's also very durable. I literally don't leave home without it.
  8. The Princess Bride - I have the entire movie memorized. I am not exaggerating. It just saddens me that James doesn't think this is the greatest movie of all time. I'm sure I'll convince him someday.
  9. Pace's Salsa Verde - I picked this up on a whim a few weeks ago as the grocery store was out of our regular green sauce. We are now completely addicted. It costs twice as much as the stuff we used to use and we go through it at least twice as fast, but it is totally worth it. We're pretty much professional condiment users around here so it's nice to stumble across something of this caliber. It gives me warm fuzzies just thinking about it.
  10. Vinegar - I'm particularly fond of apple cider vinegar. I use it in cooking, mostly, but when I was young my favorite "summer food" we had was diced cucumbers in vinegar. Yum!
  11. Digital Scrapbooking - Shortly after I spent a small fortune beefing up my scrapbook supplies, I was introduced to the concept of Digital Scrapbooking. I'm hooked! And thanks to lovely websites like Digitreats, Digifree, and Scrapping with Ikea Goddess (along with countless others) I haven't spent a dime on it, other than paying to print out the pages. Plus I can get multiple copies and send them to all the grandparents. And all the supplies double as bling for the blog.
  12. Flannel - I am truly a product of the 90s. I raided my dad's closet for over-sized flannel shirts and then proceeded to wear them in public. I still own several pairs of flannel pants for pajamas. There's just something to be said for good old soft, reliable, plaid flannel.
  13. Online Shopping - Several events/circumstances have converted me into an online shopper - moving to Payson, having more than one child, and, most recently, having no car. I love finding great deals and I especially love getting the kids' clothes on clearance for 1/3 of the price from my favorite stores (The Children's Place and Old Navy). I've never had to take the kids into a store for clothes and Owen is almost completely set until he's 2. Paying for shipping is definitely worth that (especially when gas was nearly $4 a gallon).
  14. iPod - Almost two years ago exactly James gave me my iPod. I was a little befuddled at first, thinking I wouldn't actually use it and mad that he spent so much money without asking me first. Now it's difficult to imagine life (especially car rides) without it.
  15. Wilco - I really can't say enough about this band. I've enjoyed seeing them live and we have all of their cds. If Jeff Tweedy ever wanted me to run away with him I'd have to consider it. For about 5 seconds and then I'd be out the door. Sorry family, but COME ON! The man has created some of my favorite music ever. In fact, James might fight me for the privilege of running away with him.
  16. Reach Clean Paste Floss - Did you know I've never ever had a cavity? It's true. I do, however, have terrible gums (thank you mom). So I'm a regular flosser and I love this stuff. It really feels like it gets my teeth cleaner than normal floss and my mouth always tastes great after I use it.
  17. Multiple Cutting Boards - I have a thing for cutting boards. Growing up we always had quite a few on hand and I always took it for granted. I have 4 now and each serves it's own purpose. I wouldn't mind having a couple more though.
  18. Ikea - One day I will have a large disposable income and I will dispose of it here.
  19. Survivor - Are you as excited for the new season to start as I am? Probably not. You might think my obsession is pathetic and juvenile so I will try and explain my love for this show. I got really hooked on it in college when I would watch it with an awesome roomie and her best friend. I've loved it ever since and when James and I started hanging out he would come over and watch it with me. I can't explain it's hold over me. Many of you might think I want to be on the show. In reality I'd rather host the show - I'm not a strong swimmer. And the same rules that I have for Jeff Tweedy apply to Jeff Probst. Maybe I just have a thing for guys named Jeff?
  20. Pressure Cooker - I own one solely to make beans and it is completely worth it. Now you realize the importance of #9.
  21. Sony BabyCall Baby Monitor - I tried to keep kid/mom products off my list, but this one really is amazing. In two and a half years we have been through 3 baby monitors. This one is great. It's more like a portable phone than anything because it has a rechargeable battery. You can unplug the unit and carry it around without having to worry about changing the batteries. But the absolute best part? It has a voice activation mode. Which means the receiver stays silent until the kids start making noise. No buzzing or humming. Which works really well if you have a space heater or humidifier that runs intermittently at night. You don't hear a decibel from this thing until the noise reaches a certain frequency. I'm pretty sure it's just magic, but it works and I love it.
  22. Nasal Spray - I've said it before and I'll say it once more (If you can name that song I will forever adore you). This stuff works wonders. I use it on the kids too.
  23. Fiskars Sewing Scissors - I don't think I would ever sew without these. I did before I had my own pair and I got blisters from all the cutting I had to do. These are spring-loaded and just glide through everything I've ever inflicted upon them. James still doesn't understand why I get mad if he suggests we use them on things besides fabric. Men.
  24. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson - I KNOW!! This guy is hilarious. We started recording the show because it doesn't start until 11:30 here (he's on after Letterman). We just can't get enough. He is funny beyond all reason.
  25. Character-rich Movies - Maybe I just made up this category, but it doesn't change that I love movies with really memorable, ofttimes awkward, occasionally annoying, characters. Basically anything by the Coen brothers fits into this category (like Raising Arizona, O Brother Where Art Thou?, Fargo, and Intolerable Cruelty) and "Mockumentaries" (like A Mighty Wind, Best In Show, and Spinal Tap). A few others that fit here are Henry Poole Is Here, Lars and the Real Girl, and Dan in Real Life. The only thing all these movies have in common is that they center around characters that are so vivid they almost seem real. Or you wish they were real. I'm always drawn to these movies and I can watch them time and time again without losing any of the magic.
So, what are some of the things you can't live without?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Early Reading Program

In the course of the morning (on Tuesday) I left the kids in their room for a minute. This is what I found when I returned. Owen had to roll at least 4 times and turn 90 degrees to get into this position from where I put him down. What can I say? These kids love the written word!

Monday, February 2, 2009

I'll Alert the Media

Zoe fell asleep in church yesterday! She hasn't done that since she was about 6 months old. Poor girl. She's sick, which has only happened a few times in her life. Which is really too bad since she just gets super mellow and sleepy. Yesterday she fell asleep in James' arms during sacrament meeting. We took her to primary with us so as not to infect the nursery (although that's probably where she got it in the first place) then at home she went straight down for a nap. When she woke up, she ate a few bites of dinner, watched a little football, then headed back upstairs and put herself back to bed. It was 6:30.

Meanwhile I'm actually typing this one-handed while I try and appease a grumpy little man (Owen). I'm pretty sure he has some teeth coming in. He hasn't really slept for more than two hours at a time for a couple days. I've decided to fore go even going to bed at night. What I do is something closer to "consecutive napping" than actual sleep. Needless to say we are all in pajamas.