Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wow, I'm finally adding my own post to this. Hooray blogging. And what, pray tell, would tempt me to stay up past my bedtime and type in constant fear of waking a sleeping little girl? Nothing less than the greatest Valentine's Day in the history of my life.

It all started at 8 am when James woke me up for breakfast - a 5-egg omelet and "hash browns" (read tater tots). At the breakfast table was an AMAZING bouquet of red flowers and a small white package. And now that everyone's on the edge of their seat wondering what could it be, what could it BE?? A red iPod Nano with my name on it. Literally. James had it engraved. And the best part of it all - the dishes were done as well. Yes, it doesn't happen often but I was surprised. Blindsided, you might say. So, thank you to my sweet husband for making me feel so special.

Zoe would also like to wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day!

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