Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Well, we're coming to the end of an era in the Gillice home. I will no longer be blogging. . . . . from this computer. Our new computer came TODAY and since we spent the long weekend setting up the new desk and bookshelves, we're ready to transfer some files and enjoy a fresh start. James got our current computer back in 2003 (before there was an "us") and it has been running on fumes for at least the last year. Finally the planets and stars (and tax refunds) were all aligned so here we go.

But first, here are some things I'll miss* about our current (soon to be former) computer:

I will miss the buzzing sound our computer makes when we turn it on. If we give it a good kick it "quiets" to a steady whirring noise. I'll miss all the reading time I have while I wait for the computer to boot up (or a program to load). I'll miss the zillions of wires that run behind the desk. Speaking of desks, I'll miss the cheap desk that has gotten us by for the last year - for taking up so much room it certainly has very little usable space. Owen will miss the rather large power button placed right where little fingers like to play. And what will we do with the speakers that have not worked for years, but we insist on setting them up time after time? Somehow we'll live.

So, farewell inefficient router, adios "Low Virtual Memory" warnings, arrivaderci Photoshop CS2. It's not you, it's us. Goodbye forever PC.
Hello Mac!