Friday, September 28, 2007

On that Same Note

Just one more video from the concert we found on Youtube:

Oh yeah, speaking of concerts, everyone in the Provo/Orem area should go to Golden Shoulders - Oct 9, around 8 pm, 490 N 200 E in Provo. They are a local band from Nevada City, CA that James knows from high school.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's a Neon Bible

W-O-W! That pretty much sums up the concert. For a more in-depth review, read on... (just as a warning, this post is much longer than our normal ones and contains nothing about Zoe. You have been warned.)

So the second we walked across the field with the music of LCD Soundsystem blaring in my ears, I immediately remembered why I love live music SO much. The show was great. There is just something about having music at a "decent" volume level that is just amazing. It was awesome just to stand there and listen and feel as the bass literally vibrated my clothing. It felt like I had another heartbeat. And then the beat is so amazing, after nearly 3 hours on my feet it was down right painful NOT to move to it. My muscles would tighten with every beat. Plus I could sing at the top of my lungs and not even hear myself or have to worry about anyone hearing me either. It was seriously amazing. Not a bad "seat" in the house, either, being that it was in an ampitheather. Which reminds me that Utah is realy cold in the early Fall, especially at night...

LCD Soundsystem was really great. It's what I imagine a rave would be like if the music were live - in a good way. Kind of one of those "you had to be there" bands that defy explanation. Incredible bass lines though.

The Arcade Fire is astonishing live. There are like 10 people in the band, all playing everything from french horns to the organ to a motorcycle helmet. Seriously. Sometimes these guys were just running around with drumsticks banging on everything. Oh and they have megaphones too. You can kind of see the organ pipes in the picture above, along with the neon bible projected on a red curtain on stage. The stuff off of Neon Bible (their newest album) was good but all the songs from Funeral were the best. I was just wishing they had played my favorite song, "Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)." But we got our money's worth and then some so I'd say we are happy.

Thinking about being at this concert also brought back every good memory I've ever had from a concert, even the ones I am slightly embarrassed that I attended (bear with me as I indulge myself).
  • My first concert ever- Matchbox 20 - My parents just dropped me and my friends off and we got to fend for ourselves, and Everclear was opening for them and I was really into them at the time. It was then that I realized how loud music should really be and why concerts are better than cds.
  • Rod Stewart - I took my dad for father's day and that old guy can put on a killer show (Rod, not my dad, although...)
  • Lynard Skynard - My brother took me for my birthday after I had just had my wisdom teeth out. He bought me a stuffed eagle and when I went home I ate an entire quart of sherbet because I couldn't take my pain pills for my teeth since I had to drive and I was hurting!
  • Kiltergrey, Pity for Pete, and various other bands in the Rexburg area summer of 2001 - I started to learn that local bands can be awesome (even in Rexburg) and I learned that I liked music that wasn't played on the radio more than anything I'd ever heard.
  • Lenny Kravitz - I'm not even a fan but a friend was visiting from AZ and wanted to do something, so we went. And we got airbrush tattoos.
  • Counting Crows - I've never had more fun standing in line for a free concert for a band that I was apathetic about, but it was great. Plus the chick that opened for them was a nut job and tried to tell the audience to be quiet for her "quiet song."
  • Lifehouse - I went under the influence of friends but it ended up being alright because I got to punch a really annoying girl... in the butt. Long story...
  • The Shins - My first concert with James. We saw the band on the street as we were driving to the show. They made fun of James' car and were disappointed that we couldn't point them in the direction of a decent bar.
  • Grandaddy - because all the lame emo jerks that were there for Saves the Day left when Grandaddy started playing and we had the place nearly to ourselves. And I totally showed up cousin Jessie when I downed a whole Beto's burrito afterwards. He was awestruck, albeit tipsy.
  • Wilco - enough said. They're just amazing. Plus it was the first concert James and I went to after being married and they played the song we danced to at our wedding and James danced with me at the concert.
  • U2 - The last concert of our pre-parenting days. If only stupid Kanye West hadn't opened. What a waste. It could have been The Killers or Arcade Fire, but Noooooooo. And thus we have come full circle
  • The Arcade Fire - I got to feel like an adult enjoying my own interests for a few hours. Between Zoe, Garth, and James being back in school, I have been feeling like a mom most of the time, which is fine, but I needed a break. And oh what a break I got.

Ok, I guess that is enough ranting for now. Don't worry, I'll post a bunch of pictures of Zoe soon to make up for her absence from this post.

Friday, September 21, 2007

We Are Survivors!

In more ways than one...

First off, we survived nearly 3 months without a steady internet connection. Today we are officially online again, and at lightning fast speeds, might I add. So if you haven't checked out the blog in the last couple days scroll down to see the video and pictures I've just added. On Monday our router will arrive and then our neighbors will join us in online bliss.

Secondly, Survivor China started on Thursday! I am giddy. I seriously got goosebumps watching the show. And every few minutes I literally squealed in delight. Just so you know, I am really not all that involved in reality programming in general, but something about Survivor just strikes a chord. The only drawback is that this season I will not be able to watch with Erin Wimmer since she is inconveniently residing in Iowa. We watched shows together and dissected every episode and talked endlessly about the players. I miss her so much! Although James seems to understand and has been nicer than usual about this particular obsession. So far...

Dancing Queen

Here are some videos from the wedding reception we went to at the beginning of the month.

Also, some kitchen dancing.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Birthday Shenanigans

September 17

First I have to say Happy Birthday to James. You make 31 look GOOD!
So, how does one celebrate being 31? Oh, the usual - cake, ice cream, presents, friends, cleaning up vomit.

Yup, Zoe decided to get sick after we put her to bed. She threw up 5 times, soiling enough clothing, bedding, and towels for 2 loads of laundry. This was definitely a first for all of us. Zoe was a remarkably clean baby - she never spit up much and she quickly outgrew the spitting up phase. Plus she never had any majorly explosive diapers. I've never thrown away one piece of her clothing because it was too disgusting/stained to salvage. Not even close. And I have to admit I have been dreading physical ickiness since she was born. I cringe every time someone else talks about their kid puking because I was just sure I would flip out the first time it happened to me.

And I guess I did, for about a tenth of a second after James announced that Zoe had just thrown up everywhere. And then some secret compartment of my brain which I've never had to use before just kicked into gear and there I was, cleaning up upchuckings for the better part of the night, never minding it once.

Oddly enough, it gave me hope for myself as a mother. I'm a lot stronger than I thought I would be and I found myself proud as I hurried to change Zoe's pajamas and bedding without spreading the mess too much farther.

James was amazing as well. Apparently his brain has some unused portion as well, just waiting to shine. If it had happened on my birthday I probably would have cried. I guess he just figured that his birthday made him want to puke, so why should it have a different effect on anyone else?

After all was said and puked, Zoe is feeling much better and James is happy knowing that he won't have to endure another birthday for another year.

Bite Me!

Early September

I have utterly neglected my family and home over the last week! Why is this so exciting to me? Because I was finally able to read the Twilight series of books that my friends and neighbors have been talking about for months. It's a bit cheesy and I have to admit it is about vampires and such, but it was really enjoyable and addicting. All of you familiar with the series will probably agree that "addicting" is an understatement. As a side note - if anyone is interested in getting MORE Twilight before the 4th book comes out, visit for outtakes and extras.

So yeah, I got the first book last week and started to read during Zoe's afternoon nap (around 1). I finished the first book at 4 in the morning. Then I woke up at 8 and started the second book, which I polished off by 11:30 that night. I took a day off and then started the next book and made short work of it as well.

If you can't tell, I'm not the type of person to do things half-way. Maybe that's why I avoid really delving into any hobbies. Poor Zoe, she's such a trooper. I started the reading craze only days after finishing a sewing craze...

And the picture - this is what my kitchen looks like when Zoe is left to her own devices for a few chapters.

Sew Crazy

September 1

My neighbor, and friend, Sue was getting married in the temple but had a "little" problem. Her wedding dress was sleeveless. So I mustered up some mad sewing skills and made a little satin jacket to go with the dress. Since I was using satin, of course I had to make a couple prototypes first, just in case. In the end everything worked out perfectly. I was glad I could help. We all had a blast at the reception. Zoe danced (I'll post video later) and kept laying down on the sidewalk. Congrats Richard and Sue!

Back to the Grind

August 22

James is back in school - O Woe is Me! We had such an idyllic summer, it's hard to believe it's over. Now James will be in class 3 nights a week, on top of his work schedule and church assignments. Summer has just come to a screeching halt. I guess it had to. The bright side of all of this is that James is quite nearly finished. And I know it seems like I've been saying that he has 2 years left ever since we were married 3 years ago, but really, the end is in sight!

The Newest Garth in the Family

August 21

If any of you don't know, Garth is a family name for the Eldridges. That being said, I am not pregnant.

Garth Neptune is a 6-year old that lives down the street. We don't know the family particularly well, but we could be considered acquaintances. One night his mom came over and asked me to babysit him - 6 hours a day, 3 days a week! I was really flattered that she would think so highly of me to ask, but it also seemed a little weird (I have a hard time asking really good friends to watch Zoe for an hour or two).

So now, Tuesday-Thursday, Garth comes to our house after school and hangs out with us. I help him with homework, we go to the park, it's great. Plus I am bringing in some extra cash (that's why I didn't even have to blink before deciding we should go to the concert next week). And he's a really good kid. Zoe definitely likes him too. Plus I am way excited for the experience. I'm not what you would call "kid-friendly" mostly because I've never had to be. With no younger siblings and not many babysitting opportunities living in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, I wasn't bothered much by ankle biters. To top it all off, I get to help out with the school stuff and I LOVE that. Seriously. I am a grade-A nerd (literally) and I miss school so much. Poor Garth, he will always get his homework done. Oh well, welcome to the family!

Friday, September 14, 2007

3 Years Down...

August 17

James and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary! We didn't do much to celebrate it, but that's beside the point. I can't believe three years can go by so quickly and so happily. Here's to another 3 (or maybe even more)!

The Best Worst Day at the Lake

August 16

Every year James and his coworkers have a little summer shin dig at the lake. This year they decided to go to Yuba lake (about an hour south of here) because it's way nicer than the mud puddle we have here. We were all so excited to get into some type of large body of water with the incredible heat we've had. Of course, when we arrived at the lake, the wind was blowing and the storm clouds were gathering. It rained on us for a while. After we ate, the wind died down so we decided to take the boat out (it belongs to James' boss).

I got to try my "hand" at knee boarding and had a blast. Unfortunately, the wind picked up again and we had to head for the shores. The swells were so huge that everyone on the boat was getting drenched. It ended up being a good thing that we forgot to bring our cameras with us. Upon arriving back at the beach, we found that the wind had pretty much blown away all of our stuff and tipped over a catamaran that James' coworker brought.

Incredibly, I enjoyed myself immensely. I remembered being little and going to the beach and playing in the wet sand and not caring about how dirty I was or how dirty the car was going to get and I just let everything go and had a great time. At least it was better than last year's retreat when I wanted to go so bad, but Zoe was 2 weeks old and I just wasn't ready physically or emotionally for a huge outing. Maybe next time will be even better.

Happy Ikea Day to Me!

August 13*

I mean, Birthday. All I wanted for my birthday this year was some extra cash and a day at Ikea. I got both. James took off work so he could go with me to supervise Zoe. And, for once, we had money set aside for my birthday - this usually doesn't happen because we get paid on the 15th and my birthday is the 13th. Plus my mom and mother-in-law were super generous, so I even got another shopping spree after I was finished at Ikea.

We went out to dinner at Cafe Rio and then after Zoe went to bed we had cake. We didn't really mean to exclude her, we just plain forgot about the whole birthday cake thing until after she was in bed.

* in an attempt to bring some order to this blog, I have gathered my thoughts and will be posting in chronological order starting from August.

All the Roominess of a Clown Car

August 24

Just how many people can fit into our tiny apartment for dinner? We've recently set the record at 14 - although technically, some of the kids ate on the porch, but let's not split hairs.

With a day's warning, we learned that James' sister Fern and her family would be gracing the state of Utah with their presence. They would mostly be in Eagle Mountain, with Josh's family, but we were determined to see them. I was already planning lasagna for dinner so we invited them, in the hopes of luring them to Orem. It worked a little too well. We ended up with 14 people in our home - Fern's family, Josh's brother's family, and their dad.

It really wasn't too bad. There was enough food to go around and luckily we had the house in some sort of order. The kids played in Zoe's room and outside, while the adults got to enjoy being around each other. We got some good pictures and had a ton of fun. Of all the family that threatens to visit, the Iveys were the last we'd really expected to see. We only wished we could have had more time with them. Maybe next time...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

We're On Fire!

Arcade Fire, that is.

We are so excited to see this band in concert in a couple weeks. Almost as excited as we are to have an end in sight to our internet hiatus. It has been ages since we caught a good concert and I think James is still upset about missing The Shins because Zoe was still nursing and it wasn't practical for me to be in Salt Lake all evening. Darn kids, ruining our good time! But now that she is a "big girl" we are totally blowing this pop stand. Plus the concert is at Thanksgiving Point so we won't be too far away. Anyone want to carpool?

As a side note - we will be trying to backtrack our blogging from the last time our internet worked. I was just so excited about the concert AND the internet that I had to share. So, this should be the first of many, many, many blogs to come in the next couple weeks. Just a little more patience, it is a virtue after all (maybe not one that I have, but that shouldn't stop you...)