Friday, September 14, 2007

The Best Worst Day at the Lake

August 16

Every year James and his coworkers have a little summer shin dig at the lake. This year they decided to go to Yuba lake (about an hour south of here) because it's way nicer than the mud puddle we have here. We were all so excited to get into some type of large body of water with the incredible heat we've had. Of course, when we arrived at the lake, the wind was blowing and the storm clouds were gathering. It rained on us for a while. After we ate, the wind died down so we decided to take the boat out (it belongs to James' boss).

I got to try my "hand" at knee boarding and had a blast. Unfortunately, the wind picked up again and we had to head for the shores. The swells were so huge that everyone on the boat was getting drenched. It ended up being a good thing that we forgot to bring our cameras with us. Upon arriving back at the beach, we found that the wind had pretty much blown away all of our stuff and tipped over a catamaran that James' coworker brought.

Incredibly, I enjoyed myself immensely. I remembered being little and going to the beach and playing in the wet sand and not caring about how dirty I was or how dirty the car was going to get and I just let everything go and had a great time. At least it was better than last year's retreat when I wanted to go so bad, but Zoe was 2 weeks old and I just wasn't ready physically or emotionally for a huge outing. Maybe next time will be even better.

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