Friday, September 14, 2007

All the Roominess of a Clown Car

August 24

Just how many people can fit into our tiny apartment for dinner? We've recently set the record at 14 - although technically, some of the kids ate on the porch, but let's not split hairs.

With a day's warning, we learned that James' sister Fern and her family would be gracing the state of Utah with their presence. They would mostly be in Eagle Mountain, with Josh's family, but we were determined to see them. I was already planning lasagna for dinner so we invited them, in the hopes of luring them to Orem. It worked a little too well. We ended up with 14 people in our home - Fern's family, Josh's brother's family, and their dad.

It really wasn't too bad. There was enough food to go around and luckily we had the house in some sort of order. The kids played in Zoe's room and outside, while the adults got to enjoy being around each other. We got some good pictures and had a ton of fun. Of all the family that threatens to visit, the Iveys were the last we'd really expected to see. We only wished we could have had more time with them. Maybe next time...


Josh and Fern said...

That picture is proof that Zoe loves her Aunt Jenny (especially since she didn't start crying a whole 5 seconds after the picture was taken!) What a littlle cutie! (With quite the ear piercing screech the likes of which I've never heard before!)
Hey, where's the picture of Zoe standing in the sprinkler in shock? That was just too funny!

Grandma Cathy said...

I love watching Zoe grow up before my very eyes. This blog is wonderful. I am starting my own blog also but have not figured out how to send it to you.
Love seeing all (except Tre) of my grandchildren together. They are all so adorable. I want to hold and play with Zoe so much!
Love Grandma Cathy