Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Winds of Change Are A Blowin’

James stayed home from work on Monday, July 23 for two reasons –

1) to make it a four-day weekend with Pioneer Day on the 24th; and
2) to move our desk and computer out of Zoe’s room once and for all.

And we did it! We can now work on the computer while Zoe is napping or down for the night. So we will really be in great shape once our internet is more reliable in August. Already, this move has enabled this recent explosion of posts.

In other changing news, Zoe is in her big girl, forward-facing car seat. She isn’t quite up to the weight requirement, but she is so long we just couldn’t keep cramming her in and feel good about ourselves as parents. We’ve only taken her out for a small spin, but facing forward totally blew her mind. She just stared out the window with the biggest eyes. Is she really this big?

She’s A Maniac On the Floor…

...and she’s walking like she's never walked before. Shortly after her first birthday, Zoe got the walking bug. She is pretty much a biped. She still crawls if she is in a hurry, but she usually walks, especially if she needs to carry something. It’s still weird to see her toddling around the house.

She’s a kid now.

Anyone Headed to DC?

Congrats to our friend Aaron. He is getting married in October to Amy, who we got to meet when they both stayed with us. They will be sealed in the DC temple so we are starting to look for good deals on a plane ticket for James. Aaron flew out for our wedding (and pretty much every other wedding he has ever been invited to) so we are going to do everything to get James out to DC for his wedding. I wish I could come too.

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Zoe turned one year old and we all had a blast! My parents came to visit for the week and stayed at the KOA, so it was also a mini vacation for us. We got to go swimming and just hang out in the shade with them.

On Zoe's actual birthday, my mom and I picked up Zoe’s birthday cake from Macy’s (it’s a grocery store here that gives you a free 1st Birthday cake) and got Zoe’s picture taken at Kiddie Kand ids (not a fun experience, I’m sticking to Wal-mart for pictures from now on). That evening we bought a bunch of balloons and had dinner at Carl’s Jr. before coming home for cake and ice cream and presents.

Zoe had a great time with the cake and loved her balloons. She got some great toys, clothing,

and books and enjoyed them almost as much as she enjoyed the boxes and paper they came in. It was Zoe’s best birthday ever.

On Saturday (the day after her birthday), my

cousin from Hooper and her family came down for a BBQ. We were also joined by our good friends the Namannys.

As always, we had a great time. Zoe would have had a better time if we had just let her go and steal some other kid’s ball, but she coped.

For those of our readers who don’t get to see Zoe very often, here’s a little glimpse of her at one year. Zoe:

  • Weighs about 18 pounds
  • Measures almost 31 inches tall
  • Takes a few steps
  • Stands up on her own
  • Dances
  • Says – Ball, Balloon (Boooo), Bubble, Thank you (Di-doo), What’s that? (Whasat), Bye Bye (while she waves), no no no (while she wags her finger), and many other things which have yet to be deciphered.
  • Loves – Mommy, Daddy, Tigger, food (except fruit), having her shoes on, balls, playing outside, swimming, rolling around on mommy and daddy’s bed, “helping” with the laundry, climbing up stairs, books (she brings them to me to read), milk (as long as it is strawberry-flavored)
  • Only nurses once in the morning!
  • Folds her arms for prayers (or whenever she feels like it)
  • Has 2 bottom teeth and 1 top tooth (but at least 3 more on their way)

Happy 4th of July!

For the 4th of July (Happy Birthday Papa) we got to watch the Stadium of Fire from our “spot.” James and I found this spot 3 years ago when we were dating but hadn’t been back since. We tried last year, but it was closed due to construction on the new Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni building. This year the construction is mostly done, and we were restored to our spot. It is perfect! And it’s a little hidden so it doesn’t get too crowded. We even convinced my parents to come and I think they enjoyed themselves. At least they enjoyed watching Zoe – and she was pretty entertaining. This year’s 4th was probably the best we’ve had in a while.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

An Excused Absence

To all of our loyal readers - I would like to apologize for the lack of recent content - especially pictures. Since our neighbors moved (tears tears) we have no reliable internet. In fact, we are using a non-protected, spotty-at-best network. To top it all off, we can only use it on James' work laptop which 1) is with James during the day and 2) doesn't have our pictures on it. So we have a ton to post from the 4th of July and Zoe's birthday and it will be posted eventually. Please keep checking back. In the meantime, feel free to re-read our old posts and leave witty comments. Thanks!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Our Big Little One Year Old Girl!

Happy 1st Birthday Zoe D'Lynn

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Everything's coming up Roskelleys!

We've had a great weekend with our friends the Roskelleys. On Friday we went to the BS (Burger Supreme) and then hit some golf balls at a driving range. Then today we had them over for cake and some face time with the Wii. It has been especially great for me because I am missing the Counihans (who moved while we were in California) and the Wimmers (who moved Friday). I miss LaDonna and Erin EVERY day. Of course the Roskelleys are moving soon as well. Then who will we play with?