Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Winds of Change Are A Blowin’

James stayed home from work on Monday, July 23 for two reasons –

1) to make it a four-day weekend with Pioneer Day on the 24th; and
2) to move our desk and computer out of Zoe’s room once and for all.

And we did it! We can now work on the computer while Zoe is napping or down for the night. So we will really be in great shape once our internet is more reliable in August. Already, this move has enabled this recent explosion of posts.

In other changing news, Zoe is in her big girl, forward-facing car seat. She isn’t quite up to the weight requirement, but she is so long we just couldn’t keep cramming her in and feel good about ourselves as parents. We’ve only taken her out for a small spin, but facing forward totally blew her mind. She just stared out the window with the biggest eyes. Is she really this big?

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