Friday, July 6, 2007

Our Big Little One Year Old Girl!

Happy 1st Birthday Zoe D'Lynn


s.k.namanny said...

What a good looking bunch! If you are feeling as good as you look, then everything really is coming up roses.

Cathy Jo said...

Hey, where are the birthday pictures? Grandma (me) keeps looking for them and they are not to be found. It's bad enough that I miss seeing her on her big day, but I still haven't even seen the pic's! I am sure that you all had a great day with her other grandma and grandpa. Wish I could have been there. Sorry I did not the time I had time to call it was already really late. So I have just been procrastinating...and I still have not called. Thanks for trying to call me though, Desta. I am glad that your parents were there for you all. I hope to be a better grandma to Zoe in the future... By the way, did she receive her gifts in time? I hope she had lots of things to open for her big day. I have got to say, she is absolutely adorable. Except, I have one question... where are her dimples? I haven't seen a sign of them in any recent pictures, did she loose them??
Love Grandma Cathy