Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

We {HEART}.... New Albums

If you've been around here long enough, you know that we love love love the band Wilco (Exhibit A, Exhibit B). Their new album releases later this summer but it was leaked online a few weeks ago. It knocked our socks off. Even Zoe sings along to a couple songs already. But don't worry, Jeff; we'll buy the real deal in August. Because we love you! And if you're reading this (and why wouldn't you be?) please add a tour stop in Utah. Please! We love you!

I should also use this post to plug Wilco's new movie - Ashes of American Flags. We saw it last weekend and enjoyed it thoroughly. It's not as amazing as I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, but really, what is?

We also love Golden Shoulders. They have a new album out and played a show in Provo to promote it. It was great fun to hang out with some friends and listen to awesome music. At this point I should mention that we also {HEART} neighbors who are willing to swap babysitting!

If you were as bummed as we were when Grandaddy called it quits after their last album, then Jason Lytle's first solo album Yours Truly, The Commuter is just what you've been looking for. It has some very catchy songs and the same quirky Grandaddy sound we all love.

A little while back The Decemberists had a new release as well. The Hazards of Love. It is an experience. Each song leads to the next and together, the individual tracks create a lyrical story. This is definitely one that you do not want to put on shuffle. Some of their work is hit or miss for us, but this new album is pretty enjoyable all around. There's only one exception, but that's just because I'm pretty strongly opposed to the subject matter (there's a song about a widower who plans and then carries out the gruesome murders of his children. Sorry James, I draw the line there). But we're not ones to be deterred by one questionable song, especially when the rest of the album is pretty fantastic. 'Tis better to have listened and skipped a song, than never to have hit play at all.

Lastly, but in no way least of all, James has been toiling ever so diligently on his newest album, Here Nor There. With school finished and the frenzy of organizing a new ward subsiding, James has found the time, energy, and - most important of all - motivation to get back into the recording studio (our office). He's been making a lot of progress and occasionally chronicles it here. Check it out and show him the love!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

We {HEART}.... Boxes

Well, boxes that have been transformed into boats, that is. Not a day goes by that Zoe doesn't play or eat in the boat. She even lets Owen come aboard. Who needs toys when you have boxes and paint?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We {HEART}.... Art

We took a trip to BYU's Museum of Art and had a great time. Zoe loved pushing the stroller around and endured the exhibits with minimal whining and zero property damage!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We {HEART}.... Haircuts

Especially because I finally found a stylist who is
  1. Amazing!
  2. Affordable ($12, 15 if I want it styled)
  3. Around the corner - Payson only has so many salons to choose from.
I'll definitely be going back again and again!

And watch out - I'm planning on posting once a day until I get caught up/run out of pictures. Hopefully that will make up for my extreme slacking lately!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I rarely let them out of my sight....

On Tuesday I ran upstairs to get ready for mutual, leaving the kiddos to their own vices. Owen wasn't crying so I figured Zoe was being nice or ignoring him.

I thought that it would be a good time to check my e-mail one more time before leaving for the evening.

But my mommy senses were tingling.

Eventually I came back downstairs and saw Owen had some white gunk on his arm.

Spit up, of course. It had to be. Now the task was figuring out where the initial spit-up site was so I could clean it up.

Then I got closer. It was lotion. Lotion? What the...?

I glanced over at Zoe and she was standing in front of the couch smearing lotion all over the cushions, up to her elbows in it.

She told me she was "feeding Tigger his rooster medicine."

I've never been more grateful for slip covers.

Now, hold all my calls, I'm going to go watch the Survivor Finale. Three hours of reality TV heaven, here I come!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mover and a Shaker

Here is a glimpse of why I've had my hands full lately:

Owen is fully mobile. This video is a couple weeks old and he is much faster now. He's not using his knees yet, but he propels himself with his toes and man, can that kid move. He can maneuver from the living room to the kitchen in less than a minute, stopping only to play with the heating vent and the door stops. He's also figured out how to get from his and Zoe's room into the bathroom. Basically he gets into everything so I have to hover around him at all times. Especially since Zoe is used to being able to leave small toys, food, and other choke-ables anywhere she wants. We're working on that.

Here is the other reason:

Zoe has decided that Owen is a great toy. She is constantly poking at, pinching, pushing, pulling, and rolling on him. How fun! So I rarely let them out of my sight. Rarely.....

{to be continued}

Monday, May 11, 2009


So this is only, like, 10 days overdue. I'll explain what we've been up to in a later post. Let's just say my ability to blog (or do anything productive for that matter) has been greatly hindered as of late.

Anyway, James graduated on May 1st! It was wonderful. President Monson spoke in the morning and our friend Kayla watched the kids so I could enjoy it. James' dad and mom were both able to come out for the festivities and cousin Jessie even made an appearance.

I picked up the kids in time for the actual "walking" portion of graduation (Convocations). And of course Owen started kicking up a fuss during the part where James was going to actually receive his diploma so I pretty much missed the moment and didn't get any video of it, but what matters most is that James is done! He finished! And we are so so so so proud of him!

We went to Cafe Rio for dinner then had cake and ice cream back at home. Then we all vegged out and watched a movie (it had been a very long day). Everyone had to leave on Saturday, so it was a really short visit, but we were just grateful to have family around to help us celebrate properly.

Here is a shot of Owen. He was crying in his car seat the entire time we were trying to take pictures after graduation. But he and Zoe had a blast with Jessie. Is there anyone in this world who doesn't?