Sunday, March 2, 2008

Music Snobs Anonymous: WILCO

If you think we're fond of The Arcade Fire, just get us started on Wilco. Depending on the day (and the hour therein) Wilco is by far my favorite band. They played on Saturday Night Live last night, though both James and I were disappointed by their song selection. Their latest album, Sky Blue Sky, is phenomenal but the two songs they chose to play were not among our favorites. Not that the songs aren't good, but we just couldn't figure out why they didn't choose their best songs for live television. Oh well.

Anyway, Wilco is a Chicago-based band that has been around for a while. Though each of their many albums is completely unique in sound, there is a cohesiveness that I love. Sometimes their music is categorized as Alternative Country and that often fits, with beats, lyrics, and even instruments that would fit right in at the Grand Ole Opry. Their soul-piercing electric guitar solos, however, probably wouldn't. The following song I would consider my favorite, if I was forced to pick just one. More than being my favorite song of theirs, I believe this song is as close to musical perfection as has ever been created. The song is "Jesus, etc." off their album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. The video is actually from a documentary about the production of that album titled I Am Trying to Break Your Heart. Like I said, music snob. If anyone is in love with Wilco as utterly as we are and want to borrow the movie let us know.

Some other favorite songs include:

From Mermaid Avenue Vol. 1 (under the name Billy Bragg and Wilco)
  • California Stars
  • Hesitating Beauty
From Being There
  • Far, Far Away (our wedding song)
  • Someday Soon
  • Someone Else's Song
  • Kingpin
From Summerteeth
  • She's a Jar
  • Pieholden Suite
  • Via Chicago
The entire album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (I am not exaggerating)

From A Ghost Is Born
  • At Least That's What You Said
  • Hummingbird
  • Company In My Back
  • Theologians
  • The Late Greats
From Sky Blue Sky
  • Either Way
  • You Are My Face
  • Sky Blue Sky
  • What Light
OK, so that's quite a list, but believe me, I am being very selective. I love all their stuff but it is so different. These guys are also great live and I was so sad that Salt Lake wasn't on their tour this year. I am still hoping they surprise us all and do a show that we can attend. I'm not above begging.


Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

I think I said it before, but I am so not a music snob. I'm clueless! So, does your ward ask you to sing in sacrament meeting once a month? You're at least in the choir, right?

Christian & Erin said...

How do you find out about these bands, if they aren't on the radio? I really want to know. How do they gain a following if nobody plays them? I wish I was cool.