Friday, August 31, 2007

What, No News?

Sorry everyone about the lack of recent posts. We are no happier about this than you are. We are literally bursting at the seems with cool information that we want to share with you. Unfortunately, we do not have internet access at the present time. The situation is being looked into and we hope to have a solution in the somewhat near future. Please don't give up or forget about us.

Stay tuned. Great things are coming.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

“No No No”

That is what Zoe says as she sticks her finger half way up her nose. How adorable. Here are some more pictures of the kid. Yes, she is actually folding her arms for a prayer. Sorry about posting 6 times without any pictures. Hope this makes up for it. I also put some pictures in our “Camping in NM” entry if you haven’t checked that out.

The Doug Days of Summer

It’s not much of a coincidence that my brother’s name is Doug because he was born just days before my dad, Doug’s, birthday. It’s kind of a coincidence that James has a best friend named Doug. The mind-blowing coincidence is that James’ friend Doug’s birthday is in the same week as my brother Doug (we call him Grady – to avoid confusion, of course) and my dad Doug’s . That’s right. The 23rd, 25th, and 26th of July are all Doug birthdays. If there are any other Dougs out there reading this thinking, “Hey my birthday is right around then too….,” let us know so we can celebrate you too!

To One Year from Now and BEYOND!

Prompted by all of our friends moving out of the ward and on with their lives, James and I sat down and made a one-year plan. We want a house. And we’ve decided that if we buckle down and sacrifice now to pay off our car, we could be in one as early as late spring/early Summer 2008. So, to all our family, we probably won’t be seeing you for the holidays and the gifts we send you will be “less expensive” (wait, how is that any different…?) but you will all be welcome in our HOME. We are way excited to be working toward something. It makes living in a rapidly shrinking apartment in our “colorful” little neighborhood much more tolerable. And by much I mean a little. No one wants to end up in a two bedroom apartment living next to “Felon” circle………..or DO they?

Transformers (Parents in Disguise)

Two weeks ago, James and I had a great night out. We ate dinner at Chile’s (in celebration of James’ awesome and huge raise) and then hit a showing of Transformers. And where was Zoe, you might be asking? At home, asleep, with a babysitter. It was really a great night. Hopefully the first of many. We can never say “Thank You!” enough to Mary Kay for making it possible. The food was great and it was nice to see a movie in a theater other than the dollar theater.