Sunday, December 2, 2007

My Music On

Many people have asked how they can buy my music.

I have never really had a good answer for them except to send me a check. I understand that is not always the most convenient way.

Well, now there is an Easier Way.

My 2005 album, Making It Right Again is now available for download on, in high-quality (256 kbps) mp3 format. You can buy just your favorite tracks for 89 cents each, or you can get the whole album (14 tracks) for only $7.99.

If you already have this album or have heard it, please go to amazon and leave a nice (but truthful) review.

Thanks for your support.

This album will also be available in coming weeks at other popular online stores including;
(Also, if you would still like to buy the old-fashioned disc with artwork and photography (by Desta), contact me at Making It Right Again [2005] is $8 and Let Me In [2003] is $5)


The Griffins said...

James! I was so excited to get a comment from you a few weeks ago! I'm so sorry that I'm just now getting back to you! You're family is beautiful!! I can't believe it! And I'm so proud of you for going so far with your music!

Now, I have to do something you're not going to like or probably even going to do. But, I'm tagging you. You have to look at my blog to see what I mean. I wanted to tag you and your family because I thought it would be a quick way for me to catch up on your latest and greatest!

By the way, where are you guys? Did you ever make it back to Cali? Fill me in!!

Deneal said...

Hey I didn't know you did the photography Desta, nice work.

Congrats on all the exciting music news James. I should have had you autograph the CD I bought since you are well on your way to stardom now. I'll head over to Amazon and leave a review just as son as I can decide which song is my favorite (not an easy task).

Grandma Cathy said...

I have pre-ordered two albums. Hope others will order too, so that you can win the contest. I listened to a couple of the other songs. One I liked and one I did not care for...Your's is the best (of course). So proud of you. You are blessed with a wonderful talent of songwriting and singing. I hope that you are able to go far with your music. It would be wonderful if you could make money with your talent. That would really help the "buy a house" fund! I love you and your family so much. Love MOM Gillice

Fern said...

Wow, it's pretty cool to have a rock-star for a brother! Don't forget us when you become rich and famous. (And we won't forget you when we become billionaires! We'll even buy a house for you... up here in Idaho! Ha!)
Mom's comment makes me realize how excited she must be to have one of her kids finally "performing." She must be in heaven! Remember how she always had this dream of us becoming the next Partridge family?(Really funny considering we-Jo and I-have no talent... o.k. actually, JoAnne does have a good voice... I guess it's just me who has no talent!) Well, at least one of us didn't let her down.
Seriously, though. Your an amazing guy, so funny, so talented, and such a sweet family man. I'm so grateful for you in my life! Congratulations, you deserve it!

Marie - Mother of The Bird Nest said...

Any objections here to my posting pics from my fabulous wedding reception 11 1/2 years ago? People seem worried, but James looks so great in his tapered pants. Speak now or.....