Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Sticky Situation

On Monday I was preparing to have our neighbors over for a good ole Family Home Evening. We had just finished dinner and I had left some of it out while I flitted around the house making myself look decent (or at least attempting to). Suddenly I had the strange feeling that Zoe was being really quiet. Not that she's abnormally loud, but something just seemed odd about the silence. Call it a mother's intuition, if you will. I dropped what I was doing and looked around for her. What I found, in the kitchen, was this:

I guess she wasn't quite finished with her peanut butter. The most amazing thing was that she managed to dip her fingers into the jar without knocking it over, or onto the floor, or, even better, getting ANY on her outfit. That is a miracle in and of itself! We got her all cleaned off before she could spread her sticky mess to the rest of the house and got on with our evening.

Want to know what's not sticky? My kitchen floor. Over the last few days it has been unreasonably slippery. James and I have both nearly fallen as we've crossed the room. So weird. Not that this has anything to do with what I've just posted about, but I just thought I would let you all know that for some unknown reason I have a slippery kitchen floor.

Also in an unrelated matter - Happy Birthday Mom! When are you coming out here again? It has been a little too long since October. We love you!


Christian & Erin said...

Good job Zoe! You got messy without getting REALLY messy! And your hair is getting so long too (or Desta, are you just trying to cover up the scar?)

Kayla said...

That is too funny! And way to go without getting it on your outfit, Zoe. CUTE sweater she's wearing, btw.

Romney Family said...

that i really funny!!! My kids are the same way~ i know they are up to something if I can't hear them.

The De Souzas said...

So does this mean she's eating now? Or is still just graham crackers, but she thought she needed a little protein to spice things up? :)

LaDonna Counihan said...

James, Desta, and little Zoe,
Way to go chicklet! Next time make a little noise so your mom will think you are playing with all of your toys. Okay, enough sabotaging me with old awkward pictures. I am just going to have to pay back the favor. Oh, you would never believe...!!!!

Anna said...

I LOVE that first picture of Zoe. She looks so happy with her fingers full of peanut butter in her mouth. She's quite talented to keep off her sweater too.