Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sewing Group

I went to sewing group at our chapel this morning but it turns out the only stitching that would get done was on Zoe's head. Just as we were leaving I heard her fall down and start crying. I thought she ran into or fell into the window in the foyer and wasn't too disturbed (or in a hurry to help her). When I finally got there she had blood all down her face. I guess she hit her head on the metal casing around the window and had a pretty gnarly laceration. It just wouldn't stop bleeding and I could tell it was fairly deep. I ran her home, grabbed Tigger, the pacifier, our insurance card, and the camera (of course) and headed to the ER.

Three hours and 2 stitches later we are home and safe. The doctor kept us waiting so long that all of the nurses and technicians were apologizing to us for how long we had to wait. If an ER nurse is apologizing, you know it is above the normal waiting time. Zoe was fine and kept quiet and busy until the actual stitching process had to occur. The doctor didn't want to sedate her so he numbed up the area and then the nurses wrapped her up in a blanket so we could hold her down. This she did not like so much. If you didn't know, Zoe is a screamer. She has a really high-pitched, loud scream. The doctor was actually complaining to everyone about it. I was so mad I nearly slapped him. Here we are waiting for hours with a toddler who has behaved herself magnificently the whole time (despite having a head wound that would not stop bleeding and being past her lunch and nap time) and yet, when we pin her down and ram a threaded needle through her skin, she screams and HE has the nerve to complain. Naturally I held my composure and he did compliment me for that (am I the only mom who doesn't cry when their kid gets shots, stitches, etc?). I think he was going to use regular stitches, but he didn't want to have to repeat the screaming process to take them out in a week so he put in the kind that dissolve.

What an ordeal. James was supposed to be coming home early to help me out - I am just a little too stressed out, Zoe won't take a nap, and Garth is here as icing on the cake - but he just called and his car won't start. And I still have our laundry (some of it bloody) and dinner calling my name. Can I get a do-over for today?

I do have to add, that at the hospital I ran into a guy I knew in high school and hadn't seen for years. He works there and is pre-med at BYU. Small world. Maybe we should have to rush Zoe to the hospital more often!


Amy said...

wow, that stinks. Just a tip for next time in case you want it: I've seen a lot of Drs and Nurses use those Steri-strips (sold at Walgreens, Target, etc) in lieu of stitches. Basically you wipe the blood away, pinch the skin together, and tape it together. Its fast, immediate, and saves a $15 copay. A lot of times it can be done faster than stitches (since you can do it yourself too) so it has a better healing mark, ie. smaller scar.

Christian & Erin said...

I just typed something up and it didn't go through. So I'll just say I'm so sorry I wasn't there to help! I hope Zoe's okay.

Cathy Jo Gillice RN, CLNC said...

Poor baby (Zoe not Desta). James hit his forehead and had a large bruised bump on his forehead when he was about the same age. I had his picture taken at K-Mart just a few days later, so if I can find it I will try to put it on my blog site. Bill wouldn't let me buy copies because he did not think that we needed pictures of James' head wound. Poor Zoe, I'm so sorry that she got hurt. Being a mother involves this kind of stuff though.
.. That doctor must not have much experience as a doctor...all toddlers are going to cry when someone comes at them with a needle. Just holding her like that would have been upsetting to her alone. Also the steri-strips is a good idea unless you have reason to be concerned about a concussion or something else worries you. As a mother of young children I would never have had the nerve to do that myself, but as a nurse I could have done it for you...if I was around. She I need to move close to you guys! (Don't worry Desta, I would move too close in the near future). lol. Give Zoe a kiss from grandma Cathy. Love you all. XXOOXX

Cathy Jo Gillice RN, CLNC said...

Hey, where did the RN, CLNC come from? I only used that to try to make a website for my new business, but I never put that into any of my e-mails or blog. Weird! MOM

RazakFamily said...

Sorry that I caused you to get stitches on Zoe's head. Ifraz blamed me...and Navi was so worried. The stitches look good...and the scar should be small - although scars are cool!!

Deneal said...

Love the label on this one.

Ashton was almost the exact same age when he got his stitches (on the forehead). Not fun, especially when coupled with a bad ER visit. Sorry Desta.

Romney Family said...

Oh Desta, You win the mother of the day award for sure. How awful for little Zoe and you because I know how it is to have to watch someone else's child amidst all the other pressing things you have to do.

The Millers said...

Sounds like you have one brave little girl. I'm also very impressed with you. I am guilty of being one of those mothers that cries at things like stitches. I hope she feels better.

Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

It's amazing how a normal day can turn into a huge event. Jane was about 5 when she tripped on a cushioned and cut her eyebrow open to the bone. I remember hearing the loud thud in the basement and then waiting for the aftermath noises to find out if it was really serious. The screaming started and by the time she made it up the stairs, there was blood pouring out of her head onto her cut ballerina outfit.

I was pregnant with Kate, William was out of town and I had to leave Claire and Hank with the neighbor, Grandma Ruth. We made it into an ER room fairly quickly. They numbed it with gel and then we sat FOREVER. By the time the doctor FINALLY came in Jane was fast asleep. Thankfully, she slept through the 2 inner stitches and the 3 outer ones with only a few stirrings. The doctor even moved out of the way when she started opening her eyes, so as not to scare her. She was zonked though.

When I finally laid her down in her own bed that night she groggily said, "I thought I was going to get stitches." I reassured her they were there and could be examined in the morning.

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