Friday, January 11, 2008

Flashback Friday: Remember the Memory (Card)

This is what I would have posted last week had I not been puking ( I had a BUG, people! James had it 2 weeks before I did).

Our camera does this nifty little thing where if you forget to put the memory card in, it stores any pictures you take on it's own little hard drive. Problem is, you usually forget that the pictures are on there because you can't view them if the card is in, and to retrieve them you have to plug the camera into the computer (and we usually just take the card out and put it into one of our card readers). So a few weeks ago we came across these pictures. Sure, they are fairly recent, but why can't we flash back to the recent past? Are there any rules against that? No, I just checked the manual. Don't worry, I won't get all Lost on you and try and pass off a Flash Forward as a Flash Back. What?

Dec 1, 2006

July 9, 2007
Looking at those pictures, combined with reminiscing over Zoe's 18-month mark, reminded me of this stunning photo. Zoe is about a half a day old. Thanks for visiting us in the hospital, LaDonna. Now start a blog!
Here is Erin's more subtle attempt at persuasion.


Christian & Erin said...

When you live with your kids, you don't notice the little changes day by day. But then when you see pictures, you are amazed at how much they have changed. She has changed so much in just the six months we have been gone! And remembering Zoe when she was that little - she was such a cute baby! And now she's a cute toddler!

Romney Family said...

Great pictures. Like Erin said it is so fun to see how much our kids chang as they get older.

Deneal said...

I suppose the first couple sentences in this post are aimed at me and my not-so-subtle comment. For the record, it was just to annoy you. I remembered James had been sick (come on, I'm the one with the vomit phobia, I don't forget these things even when I try). So sorry (not really), I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pry and nag.

I agree with Erin's post, can't believe how much your little darling has changed. So adorable! (I think my favorite is still the skunk costume--cute!)

Kayla said...

Does it make you sad how fast she's grown? Shelby is still pretty little and I already miss the really newborn times (but not the sleepless nights). Zoe is so cute!

Kayla said...

Oh, and I just realized you were referencing "LOST" on there! Season premier in 2 weeks!! YAY!