Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Status of James' Beans

Whoo!! 100 Posts! What an accomplishment!

Now that that's out of the way - I believe my EXACT words were, "James also has some exciting music news, but I will let him tell you. I'll just say I am so proud of him." In fact, I know those were my exact words because I just copied and pasted from my old post. Anyway, I thought that this would spur James to share his music news within the next few days. He did not. So I am going to spoil his fun and spill his beans. He can give you more specific details as he gets them.

A couple weeks ago James entered his song "Now I Understand" into a contest run by a new online music company thingy called Carbon Drum (like I said, James knows the actual details). This new company would select the best songs for each genre and create a compilation CD. And, drum roll please.....James' song was picked for one of the CDs! So we don't have the particulars yet, but if James wants to, he can sell the CDs and there's a small reward for whichever artist sells the most. Most importantly, this CD will expose James' music to tons of people. And it's just downright awesome because an impartial third party picked HIS song over who knows how many were entered. So we're really excited. And James will have more information when we know more. And maybe he'll even post it! Go James!

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Susannah said...

Good for people to know.