Friday, November 16, 2007

Flashback Friday - Oh those Bernalillo Ward Girls!

Well hello again. Can you believe a week has gone by already? Goodness but time is getting away from me. But I digress. After I promised you all this post last week I realized I don't have that many wonderful pictures of me with my Bernalillo cohorts (holla!). Most of what I have is from various years at girl's camp and a few other exploits. I am lacking in the picture department because I didn't have my own camera way back when. My first years at college are WELL documented, but don't really fit today's category so we'll make do with what I have. Enjoy!

Ah Girl's Camp. It was hard to pick just one picture. This is from our 4th year overnight hike. I love camp because I get to dress like this and blame it on being outdoors. Secretly this was one of my favorite outfits. Tattered t-shirt over a thermal with a plaid flannel button-up thrown in for good measure. The 90s, how I miss thee. Also in the picture - Christie (Chavez) Coombs, Kelly Benson, Miranda Divett, Leslie (Shea) Fortier, and Kiora (Evans) Nield in the front.

Just an innocent night of picking out formal wear? Nope. We were on a scavenger hunt in the mall. We took tons of pictures and video of us doing really stupid things in public. And the video still exists somewhere at my parents' house. In the above picture - Leslie, Danielle Fortier, Kelly, and me. I think it was Danielle's birthday. (Kiora do you remember?) Anyway, we were only like 15 and the hole thing was really just a thinly-veiled rouse to get pictures with cute, much older, guys. Which brings me to the last picture:

Me and Danielle with a bunch of nameless Abercrombie and Fitch guys. They worked in the store and agreed to take a picture with us. If you can't tell by my goofy expression, the red-shirt guy surprised me. I think my exact thoughts were, "He's...touching...ME!" I also think he smelled pretty good. Ah to be young and have no shame!


Romney Family said...

Awh, you just got to love girls camp!!! Especially being able to look or smell bad and wear crazy stuff without worrying what others think. PS. I don't think you guys look bad. I just know I did when I was at girls camp.

Kiki said...

I'm pretty sure that was Danielle's Birthday, but that wasn't the only time we did it so I can't be sure. I for one am glad that you didn't have a digital camera (or any) back then because there's no evidence I ever did any thing like light matches with clothing, which of course I would never do!

Josh and Jennifer said...

Ahhh, girls much like marriage. You don't have to take care of your personal hygiene since you don't have anyone to impress! Ha,Ha! Just joking!
But seriously, I think I wore that same kind of outfit the whole week of camp, too. Except I had a "cool" fishing hat that I wouldn't take off, since my hair didn't get washed all week and was a mass of frizz. ...Good Times!!

Josh and Jennifer said...

Also... Love the Ambercrombie and Fitch guys! Why didn't I ever think of that?!! I sure missed out!