Thursday, November 29, 2007

Music News

My song "Now I Understand" has been chosen to be featured on an online compilation CD produced by the Carbon Drum website. Go HERE to check it out. It is track number 6 on the "Rock, Indie, Folk" CD.

There is a contest between all of the featured artists to see who can sell the most of these CD's. If you feel so inclined as to help me win the contest and purchase a piece of James Gillice music history, you can pre-order now for $9 on the site. Rest assured that 2/3 of that money goes to yours truly. Just be sure to enter my name where it says "Which band referred you?"

I have listened to some of the other songs on the CD. Some are OK. Some are even really good.

The song, "Now I Understand" is taken from my 2005 CD called "Making It Right Again". This song also did very well in another online contest last year on the GarageBand website. It received many positive reviews from other artists.

Here is a sample of some of those reviews of "Now I Understand":

Cool Pop Tune
This is refreshing stuff, a quirky little pop number complete with instrumentation from a Xylophone?? or is it Vibraphone, maybe even keyboards. Anyway this is the main hook in the song which also has some really cool guitar bits and other hooks galore jumping out at you. It starts off with some very atmospheric slide too which creates a really cool mood. THis is great pop, very original arrangement and heaps of melody. I love the vocals - slightly distorted and the lyrics are original - what a great song, bit 80s sounding but very original still. You gotta love a song with La La La's that work! Well done.
Reviewed by: Stewart777 from Sydney, Australia [flag]

Power pop the way it's supposed to be
This song combines a lot of instrument voicings that you wouldn't normally put in the same song, and somehow makes them all work so well together as a whole. From the lounge-sound of the initial bell tone keyboard combined with that sliding guitar sound that gives it a suedo-western flavor in the verse to the retro sounding electric that drives the very, very catchy chorus. I like the vocals a lot, delivered in a nonchallant style in the verse and kicked up a notch in intensity in the chorus, and all with that semi lo-fi effect on them that works so well. Bridge makes for a nice transition followed by that quirky guitar solo. There is a vulnurability and innocence in the vocals that is very appealing. And there are so many melodic hooks in this song that catch the listeners ear, it's hard to keep track of them all. It's like picking your favorite flavor at Baskin-Robbins. This is power pop at it's best, smart melodically and lyrically intelligent. Well-produced with solid musicianship throughout. I loved this song and I'm adding it to my personal playlist.
Reviewed by: bassoone from Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania [flag]


Christian & Erin said...

Yay James!!! That is really cool. So when does the contest end? I am interested in buying the cd, but my budget is a little stretched until after Christmas.

Christian & Erin said...

P.S. Or would you rather that I just purchased one of your cd's directly from you???

Anonymous said...

we are so proud of you,
good luck in the contest.
we love your blog.
It is so nice to watch Zoe grow, love her dances.
grandma & grandpa A