Monday, May 5, 2008

I Bought a Shovel - and Other Exciting Stories

What can I say? Our lives have been utterly boring lately. But in a way that makes me feel completely fulfilled and content. It's nice to feel settled and have some downtime before any Summer chaos breaks out, which is inevitably inevitable. The only happenings that are slightly noteworthy are our recent yard work. The previous owners did a great job with the landscaping, but we are tweaking (and shoveling and raking) things to fit our needs. Plus I finally bought some gardening gear so I am starting on that project this week. Today was demolition - taking out the old stuff. Then I will get to experience nourishing life outside my body. Wish me luck! I'm starting with actual plants (as opposed to seeds) so I might have half a chance of seeing fruits (well, actually vegetables and herbs) of my labors.

Other exciting acquirements include a patio set, a hose, and a weed whacker. Like I said, boring, but in a way that makes me happy.

Ok, so I guess there's one un-boring thing we've been up to - I got my mother's day present a week early and have been enjoying the heck out it. What might it be? Mario Kart, of course. What every busy mom needs. It is seriously tons of fun. As another early mother's day present, Zoe has developed the habit of entertaining herself for anywhere between 30 minutes to over an hour in the mornings. It makes getting ready so much easier. She still needs most of my attention in the afternoon so I am trying to shift my day around so I can maximize AM productivity. Gee, how did I get back to boring stuff? Anyway, here are some of Zoe's methods of keeping busy all by herself. She actually isn't asleep in the second one, sometimes she just likes to play with her toys while laying on the floor.


Erin said...

I can't wait until we get to do mundane activities like this. Hooray for yardwork (as long as the yard belongs to you)!

The Thunder Family said...

Boy am I jealous! I wish I could get Xander to play by himself for even 10 minutes...he only does that if he's making a stinky surprise and doesn't want mom to make him use the toilet. :) enjoy every moment!

Kayla said...

Getting all that stuff is exciting because you can do stuff to your own place! I'm a little bummed that it didn't work out yet with that house. I'm hopeful we will be able to get it still, or something better. Then we can invite you all up to barbecue!

Fern said...

What a silly little girl. How is it possible that everything she does is adorable?
Sometimes the most mundane things, such as yardwork, can become exciting. It's so fun to do something productive... that can actually be seen and appreciated by all. (As opposed to the housework that once it is finished gets messed up immediately after)
Can't wait to see the improvements!!

Romney Family said...

How fun to actually have a yard to keep up. That sounds exciting to me and I love the pic of Zoe sleeping on the floor of her closet!! Too cute!