Friday, May 16, 2008


Because several people have asked, James Owen Gillice III will be known as "Owen"...thus avoiding confusion, of course.

"Zoe and Owen" has a certain ring to it, no?


Kimberly & Hank said...

Cute! Our boy will be known as 'hey you' or 'little boy' ... because we can't come up with a name with both like :P

Anonymous said...

He is already being called Jamie.
by our family as James was. Sorry

Romney Family said...

Congrats you guys and I must say what and excellent name choice. we sure love that name!! Desta I hope your body shop party went great!! I am sorry I wasn't able to come. I really wanted too but my grandparents wer in town so we needed to spend sometime with them. Anyway~congrats I am so excited for you guys!!

Lindsay said...

yay for you! Boys are fun things to have around. that is exciting news and it's a nice name too.

Melissa and Will said...

Yeah congrats!!!

Cathy Jo Gillice RN, CLNC said...

My mom (your grandma Bea) and Aunt Chris are adament that the baby be called Jamie. I will respect your wishes and call him Owen, although I do like Jamie really well. Hope you are feeling well Desta. I guess since you are doing so many projects you must be ok. I love your backyard garden. I think we need to change yards! Mine is way too huge for me to keep up, and you two don't have enough for a really big garden or lawn, play set, picnic table, deck, etc. I know, why don't you guys bring your enery to my house and help me make my back yard and garden and deck look as good as yours? LOL
Isn't it great to have your own home?
I hope to see you soon. I still haven't figured out my vacation. It is too confusing for me!! But I will work something out before too much longer.
Love MOM