Thursday, July 31, 2008

Down the Red Slide

Zoe's grand birthday present this year was a slide. She loves it so much - throwing toys down it, having snacks on it, climbing on it, and even going down the slide. It's so great to have something for her to do in the backyard that doesn't involve water or any physical effort on my part.


Cathy Jo Gillice RN, CLNC said...

What a great slide for Zoe. I miss her so much...I can hardly wait to see her again. When? I have no idea. Sometime after Owen is born I guess. Desta, do you know when your mother will be there after the baby is born? I would like to come to help you (I promise I will not read, or play on the computer on the next visit). Next time I visit I will take a plane and rent a car. That will help me to be rested and also prevent you guys from being stressed out about picking me up. I would probably want to stay in a motel or hotel if there is one fairly close to your home. Could you recommend a place? Of course, I will not be bringing Tre either the next trip.
Hope your pregnancy is going well. Only a couple of months left! Are you getting excited? Is Zoe at all aware of the fact that a little baby is coming to stay? I hope she will adjust ok.
I look forward to see you all sometime in the fall or early winter. Love MOM/Grandma Cathy

Erin said...

What a big girl. She loves rocks as much as Aidan! A little red slide might be just the ticket when Ethan starts kindergarten and I want adult unsupervision...