Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You're #1!

It's Owen's birthday! Can you believe it? We sure can't. His entrance into this world was dramatic (and fairly traumatic) and he has kept us on our toes ever since.

He loves to smile, laugh and eat. He is the biggest wiggle worm and is constantly on the go. He has been walking a lot the past few days, which makes him very proud of himself. He loves to snuggle (head butt) and give kisses (open-mouthed head butts). He eats EVERYTHING, even the things he's not supposed to. He is a button pusher - literally and otherwise. He is a screamer - for fun and otherwise (like when food is not in his mouth). We just absolutely, all-around adore our Buddy! Happy Birthday!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Now That's What I Call a Garden!

At the end of August we headed up to the gardens at Thanksgiving Point. It was $2 Tuesday and Zoe's friend Greta's birthday. It was gorgeous. The children's garden has a great fountain for the kids to play in. I was unprepared so Zoe got wet, then didn't like being in her clothes, so ran around the entire place half naked. Live and learn.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Slip-Sliding Away

Cool summer nights are the perfect time to play on the slide. Owen figured out how to climb up by himself in a matter of minutes. He was so proud. I was less enthusiastic.

Enjoy these next few posts as they will be the last..... of the kids with long hair!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Farewell, Summer. We'll Miss You!

I can't believe it's Fall. I already miss Summer. It went by too quickly. We are summertime folk around here. Some of the things we've enjoyed this summer include:

Countless trips to the pool

Walks and bike rides around the neighborhood

Visiting the aquarium with friends

Veggies! We even eat them sometimes.

Bold new hair styles

Turning {cough} 26

Goodnight "kisses" (also known as open-mouthed head butts)

But that's not all - Come back to see more Summer fun in the next few days!

Monday, September 21, 2009


I have two theories:
  1. They used to come in a larger package and the picture was shrunk to accommodate the smaller can.
  2. I got the can laced with HGH and Owen's going to be a super hero!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Last Stop: BEND

We had a great, relaxing time in Bend. We took a short trip to the river, did some shopping (no sales tax in Oregon), and celebrated Kellen's 20th birthday. Mostly we just hung around the house, and at night the fire pit, talking and catching up.

The trip home from Bend was not so pleasant. Both kids were overly tired but wouldn't sleep, making everyone miserable. At one point I yelled at Zoe, took Tigger away from her, and pretended to throw him out the window. I'm not proud of myself. A trip that should have taken us 10-12 hours took 14.5, getting us home in the middle of the night. Yikes, I am not excited to do that again any time soon. Sorry family.

But it was really great to see everyone. We miss you all so much. Sorry it took so long to getting these pictures up.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Excuse Me

Not that anyone has noticed, but I've been absent from the blogging world lately. Hopefully that will change soon. James is out of town at Doug's wedding, but next weekend I'm going to barricade myself in the office and get down to blog business. I want to get all caught up before Owen turns the big 0-1 (which is coming up way too soon!).

So, where have I been? Right here.

Are we ok? Medically we are fit as fiddles.

Then what's the deal? Well, to be honest (without actually being honest) I've been preoccupied with some stuff but I'm just not ready to share it in blog-land yet. And I might not ever. But since I didn't want to talk about it here I just didn't feel like talking about anything else.

Then, the last two weeks of August I found myself consumed with helping to plan our ward's Youth Conference. It was going to be amazing - literally. We had 15 different activities at different locations scattered around Payson and Provo that the kids were going to have to complete in teams, a la The Amazing Race. Then we would have a Guitar Hero Tournament. The next day would be a fireside, awards ceremony and slide show. We all worked so hard. I spent hours writing clues, designing a logo, then printing it out and gluing it to 140 envelopes (for the clues), picking music for a slide show, etc. It was going to be perfect.

The big day came - August 29. Almost all of our youth were there. I hadn't been able to sleep for 2 days I was so excited. Our first challenge was a ropes course at the state hospital in Provo. The weather was perfect, we were all having a blast. And then it happened.

A woman who works at the ropes course made a mistake. A boy fell 30 feet. We all watched him drop.

The bishopric advised us to try and press on, at least until we got more information. The kids were troopers, and we went on to bowling, the Bean Museum, and Frisbee Golf before stopping for lunch. As far as anyone knew, the boy was doing ok. Not great, of course, but not as bad as it could have been. He was being taken to Primary Children's Hospital for more tests.

Within a couple hours everything changed. The leaders were calling parents, asking them to come to the church. We rerouted our activites and brought all the youth there as well. The young man had more wrong with him than we initially knew about. He was in critical condition. We couldn't ask the kids to press on anymore so we cancelled the rest of the weekend's events.

Since then, we've just been trying to cope. The boy is doing better and will most likely heal, though it will be an arduous process. The kids who were there are amazing. They have come closer together to support each other and the boy's family, while extending forgiveness to the woman who made the mistake. Life is going on. There is an article about it here, but they got a few facst wrong; most importantly that the woman was distracted by the kids. Our kids were very well behaved and we had a relatively small group (about 30 people). This was a freak accident and no blame should be placed on the kids. It should not have happened, but it did and now we're handling it as best as we can.

Anyway, I just wanted to fill people in (if there's anyone left who reads this) on what's been going on. One more week and I should have things up and running around here.