Saturday, March 31, 2007

Miles of Milestones

Well, I'll be. After weeks of waiting on the edge of our seats, Zoe is crawling. On Thursday night my visiting teacher was over with her little boy (3 days younger than Zoe). He was crawling around and I guess Zoe decided she could too. She inched toward some papers on the floor and then (after mom ruined that good time) continued on to the kitchen where she could stare at her reflection in the dryer. She is officially mobile and life in our home will never be the same!!
If you haven't seen her for a while, she also waves, claps and scrunches up her face and breathes really hard through her nose. We call it her "nuggle bear" face. And oh what a "nuggler" she is.

Wild(not so)fire

So, as many may know, I got to go to the NM for a week. It was AWESOME. My parents had a blast with Zoe (who wouldn't?) and I didn't have to cook for 8 days. Woo. The only let down was the weather - gloomy and rainy. So because of the weather I missed the big barn burning for the ABC family series "Wildfire." Check it out here. I apologize for the cheesiness (and apologize for offending anyone who might be a fan of the show...)
Background info - The show is shot at some neighboring horse farms, but they use my parents property for parking/horse stables. Recently they built this huge barn that they are going to burn down for the big season finale. They should have burned it down last weekend, but, no dice. Oh well.
But all in all I had a great time. Thank you mom and dad for all you do. We love you and miss you. Can't wait until June!

It's Curtains for Zoe

Hooray for Curtains! Zoe's room finally has some respectable window treatments. I've had the material for months but not enough motivation (or time) to do anything with it. So, with daylight savings looming, I finished the curtains a few weeks ago. Yeah, old news, but I am SO proud of Zoe's curtains I just had to post. If you are ever in the neighborhood of Anne Circle, stop by and see them. If you can't make it over, maybe you'll be lucky and I'll post some pictures...

Friday, March 23, 2007

When the Cat's Away, the Mice Will...Record Songs?

On Wednesday, Desta and Zoe flew to New Mexico to visit Desta 's parents. Meanwhile, I am trying to remember how to take care of myself. It's not that bad really, although the dishes are piling up a little bit.

Despite the fact that it has been a little lonely around the house, this week is proving to be very productive for recording music. Since the "recording studio" and Zoe's bedroom are one and the same, it can be hard to book time slots for recording. For some reason her schedule always takes precedence.

So I am taking advantage of this week as much as possible. I have basically finished recording 2 new songs. They are called "Drifting Away (The Long Road)" and "Take Our Chances". Over this weekend I hope to finish a couple more. Who knows, maybe I will finish my new album this year.

I will also say that I do miss Desta and Zoe very much. I look forward to their return even if it means I lose my "recording studio" again.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New Pictures

Here are the latest pictures of our little "Nuggle Bear".

Spring is Finally Springing...

...or so it seems...

With a high temperature of 68 today, it seems that Spring is actually threatening to arrive. I know 68 degrees is nothing special for you folks in CA and NM, but considering we had a foot of snow on the ground a week or two ago, it feels pretty darn good. Now, where did I put my golf clubs?

Of course, being that this is Utah, we could get another foot of snow next week.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Doing My Duty

Well, it's officially official. I'm still in the Relief Society presidency. The now former president is moving to Fiji so for a while I thought I would be released. And for a few seconds I was. Then I got called right back as the first counselor under a new president. So I'm happy to have my calling again. I was a little afraid of being released and then called into Nursery. Not that there's anything wrong with that.......
Speaking of nursery, only 8 more months until Zoe joins the crew. Won't that be nice. Zoe is getting to be a lot of "fun" in church. At least she isn't crawling yet. She wants to but she has my coordination so can't quite get it together. Poor girl.
Well, I wish I had more exciting news, but I figured I should post something. Something. There. I have done my duty. Peace