Friday, March 23, 2007

When the Cat's Away, the Mice Will...Record Songs?

On Wednesday, Desta and Zoe flew to New Mexico to visit Desta 's parents. Meanwhile, I am trying to remember how to take care of myself. It's not that bad really, although the dishes are piling up a little bit.

Despite the fact that it has been a little lonely around the house, this week is proving to be very productive for recording music. Since the "recording studio" and Zoe's bedroom are one and the same, it can be hard to book time slots for recording. For some reason her schedule always takes precedence.

So I am taking advantage of this week as much as possible. I have basically finished recording 2 new songs. They are called "Drifting Away (The Long Road)" and "Take Our Chances". Over this weekend I hope to finish a couple more. Who knows, maybe I will finish my new album this year.

I will also say that I do miss Desta and Zoe very much. I look forward to their return even if it means I lose my "recording studio" again.

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