Saturday, March 31, 2007

Miles of Milestones

Well, I'll be. After weeks of waiting on the edge of our seats, Zoe is crawling. On Thursday night my visiting teacher was over with her little boy (3 days younger than Zoe). He was crawling around and I guess Zoe decided she could too. She inched toward some papers on the floor and then (after mom ruined that good time) continued on to the kitchen where she could stare at her reflection in the dryer. She is officially mobile and life in our home will never be the same!!
If you haven't seen her for a while, she also waves, claps and scrunches up her face and breathes really hard through her nose. We call it her "nuggle bear" face. And oh what a "nuggler" she is.


Tom and Joy Archibald - said...

I can't tell you how beautiful your daughter is. She's adorable. Joy and I should be so lucky. James, you have inspired me. We have started our own blog and can only hope to make it as exciting, colorful and full of great photos as yours.

I'm so sorry I will have missed you when I travel to Oregon next week for John's memorial. Such a sad occasion, but an opportunity to see family none-the-less.

We had our first ultrasound on Wednesday at 7 weeks-1 day. The little one's heart is fluttering away and it is about the size of a coffee bean. And yes, we have a photo. Take care you three...

Love ya

Uncle Tom

Anonymous said...

James, you used to make the same "nuggler" face and breath thru your nose. She is a cute as you were.:)
Uncle Tom is here now, yesterday was Johns memorial. Over 500 people came to honor him. Aunt Cheri talked and I did too. Many important people from the community were there also. Uncle John was loved by so many people. He leaves a big hole in our family and community. Thanks so much for being her for Aunt Cheri and the boys, they are very appreciative that you came.
Love MOM