Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hi Everybody!

Ok, I'm back. And with pictures. Without further ado, here we go:

Christmas: was great. We ended up canceling our trip to California at the last minute and headed to Oregon instead. Grandpa Tom was diagnosed with cancer so the whole family made the trek out to spend one last Christmas together. One of Cathy's friends was generous enough to let us and Fern's family stay in her house while she was away. It was great to have a little space to call our own and for Zoe and Owen to hang out with their cousins. We missed our wonderful family and friends in California, but we were so glad we got to see Grandpa one more time.

We spent Christmas day at home. I love being at home for Christmas - we opened presents and stayed in pajamas for two days straight. The big hits of the day were dress-up clothes for Zoe and Cars for Owen - both the movie and tons of hotwheels. We also got them a little tent and a tunnel that are endlessly entertaining.

After Christmas we packed up and headed to Oregon. We hung out with James' sisters, aunts, and cousins. All the girls went out to see The Princess and the Frog one day and had a blast. Most importantly, James got to spend some quality time with his grandpa.

Don't worry, I'll keep updating. For mother's day James let me lock myself in the office to edit and post pictures. It's been a lovely day.


Romney Family said...

so fun for an update!! Better late than never I always say. Sounds like you had a good christmas vacation!!

Marie said...

What an awesome Mother's Day treat! So glad you are back. I lover your updates.