Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Devil Himself

Our Holidays were not completely void of traveling. We had a friend getting married in Logan so we decided to make the trek north for the reception. The roads weren't too bad and we couldn't pass up an opportunity to hang out with the entire Biggs family. It was fun, despite Zoe presenting further evidence that children and wedding receptions do not mix. This time it was countless floating candles set in water-filled wine glasses on window ledges. Yikes! We even got to spend the night as there was an extra hotel room available. Good thing I packed the kids' jammies and extra clothing for everyone.

Oh, I'm forgetting to mention that our friend Nathan - Travis' younger brother - married Ester Ballam, daughter of Michael Ballam, who many of you may or may not know plays the Devil in a certain church film. So we can now say we met the Devil. That's almost worth a two and a half hour drive right there. That, and hanging out with this guy:

And let's not forget these handsome devils either:


Romney Family said...

That is so awesome to have met the devil!! LOL. How fun to see Travis!! He cracks me up just seeing his pic!!

The Griffins said...

Hey Desta,

Although I'm listed as one of James' Homies, I've been following your blog and think we could be fast friends. I SOOO totally loved this post for two reasons. First, TRAVIS and Allan and Nathan- so much fun to see updated pictures of those boys. And second, the devil of course. Not only was he "the d", but did you see the 80's flick, "Girls Just Want Have Fun"? Not only did it star Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt back in the day, but also the famed devil himself... only this time he dressed in some sweet tights and shakes his groove thing. If you haven't seen it, you have to contact Netflicks ASAP and get that one in the mail. Its a can't miss... to bad you didn't ask him about that role when you met him.

Marie said...

The Griffins, Is this April?

You have me completely curious and SO I googled the movie and searched for his name but couldn't find it anywhere. Did he use a screen name? How did you get this information? Tell me more! Also, I think I'm going to have to watch this movie, it looks like the perfect chick flick. Thanks for the recomendation.

Marie said...


Sorry, I didn't mean to ignore you, How cool that you got to meet HIM and of course see a bunch of friends.

Have you ever gotten the email with the picture of the two devils side by side? I think it was taken at General Conference or something. It's hilarious.