Monday, June 4, 2007

Will the real Zoe D'Lynn please stand up?

So Zoe and I were playing outside yesterday. She was doing her little gorilla crawl and playing with the dirt in the sidewalk cracks (her favorite thig to do outside). After a while, she pushed up, hovered over her knees, and was standing up all by herself! She did it three times and the third time she clapped before she sat back down. I would say that she is close to walking but she won't take a single step unles she is holding on to something. But we were very proud of her newest development.
Sorry there are no pictures. I can't leave her playing outside on the sidewalk for fear that she will crawl into the street (which she often tries) or eat the dirt she plays with (which she often does). But you better believe we are going to try wih all our mights to capture those first steps on video! Maybe they will be at Disneyland!

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