Thursday, June 7, 2007

More fun in the park

On Tuesday morning, Zoe and I headed to the park to hang out with a bunch of our friends. We were joined by (in no particular order): Becca Shirts, Erin Wimmer, Deneal Spaulding, Annie Miller, Jessie Romney, LaDonna Counihan, and Cyndi Lowry. Plus all of their kids. It was a blast. Zoe got to show off her new talent of standing up, she got to swing and play with the wood chips. We even had lunch there. It was a perfect morning and great timing since most of these people will be moving far far away before the end of the summer (oh and it has been cold and rainy ever since we went).

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Deneal said...

We had so much fun too! There was really quite a range of kids there playing. I liked seeing everyone's newest tricks and interests. Hopefully we can plan another when the sun comes back.