Monday, June 25, 2007

Camping in Jemez

Let me just say that I couldn't have picked a better time for Zoe to be sick - so much blogging to do and she is asleep on the floor. Perfect. Poor little girl - between allergies, a bunch of new teeth, the ULTIMATE vacation, and what seems to be a little cold - she can't seem to stay awake.

Anyway. On Tuesday June 12th we drove to New Mexico to go to a family reunion in the Jemez mountains. The morning that we left, my mom called to tell me that yet another great aunt (this time my grandma's sister Annie) had passed away and that we would be attending her funeral in the middle of the trip. So not the best way to start out a trip, but at least we were there for the funeral.

So, camping with Zoe. It was great. My parents have a 5th wheel trailer so we never had to completely rough it. Zoe had a great time playing outside all day. She made a game of seeing how many times she could put pine cones or rocks in her mouth before anyone noticed. She took her naps and slept through the night so everyone was happy. Plus lots of people brought their dogs so Zoe really was in camping heaven.

On Friday we drove back to Albuquerque for Annie's funeral. I got to see some more family that weren't at the reunion and because we weren't hauling the trailer, we took the more scenic route back through the Jemez tunnels. For those of you not familiar with the area, it was a logging community where my family worked and it is absolutely gorgeous. Every other year we have the Heath reunion there - that is my dad's mom's mom's side.

On Saturday my aunt Sharon and uncle Bill brought my Grandma up along with my cousin Carrie and her family - husband Gavin and kids Madeline and Shawn. Shawn is just a few months younger than Zoe so she had someone her age to play with. Later in the afternoon there was a huge potluck lunch and Garrett and Heather came for that. After lunch we had hand-churned ice cream - SO GOOD! Then we had to pack up and return to Algodones to do laundry and prepare for the next leg of the trip.

On Sunday we had a big father's day lunch (yay, James' first father's day!) with Garrett and Heather and then we (me, James, Zoe, and my mom) left for Kingman AZ - where we stayed on our way to Anaheim and DISNEYLAND!

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