Thursday, January 18, 2007

Settled In

When we got back from California on January 1st, we immediately began preparing for our move. This move was not a big move, mind you. We only moved to the 4-plex immediately behind us. In fact we are still the top-right apartment, same exact layout and everything. We spent the 2nd-5th moving everything we own to our new place. You really don't realize how much stuff you have until you are forced to relocate every last item of it. It was a grueling few days but we survived and are now much better off for it.

You may be asking, why would we take the time and energy to move everything we own a distance of less than 100 ft? Good question. And believe me, if there wasn't a good answer, you can bet we would not even think of doing it. Our new place has a small storage facility out back so no more camping gear in the closet or bicycles in the living room or Christmas decorations under the bed. That has been nice. There is also a much better yard out front and a garden in the back. We are no longer on the busy main street (1100 S). We have some nice trees out front that will be great in the summer. Zoe will be running around pretty soon and now she will have a much better place to do so outside. Still, these benefits would not be worth the trouble of moving were it not for the $100 we will be saving each month.

There are a few inconveniences with the new place such as less cabinet space (plus we lost our beautiful new cabinets) and a weak shower head with no water pressure. But overall this is a much better place for us to be right now. It is nice to be settled in to our new place.

For those interested in mailing us gifts and letters and such, our new address is as follows:

James, Desta and Zoe Gillice
1076 S Anne Cir.
Orem, UT 84058

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