Saturday, October 24, 2009

Return to the Motherland Part 1: The Homestead

We left for NM on Sunday, Oct 4. We decided to take James' Civic because of gas. The ride was great - we only stopped twice and we were all relatively comfortable. My parents were both sick, which soon translated to us getting sick, but we tried to enjoy ourselves as best as we could. As a side note, the last time we were in New Mexico, Zoe was 11 months old.

We had a small birthday celebration for Owen and the kids got some great gifts. Zoe got 4 pairs of princess shoes. I don't know how she stays upright in them, but she wears them every day.

Here is a close-up shot:

When we started feeling better, my Gramma came over for dinner. She looked better than she has in years and we had a nice evening. She loved the kids and neither one of them ran shrieking away from her, though Owen seemed to be considering it.

After a bath and getting ready for bed, even Owen warmed up to her and got some snuggles in.

My parents' place is overflowing with delicious apples so we picked a few before we had to leave.

Lastly (for this post), here are some great panoramic shots of the front and back of the house:

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Cristine said...

Looks like a fun trip! That's great you got to go to NM and see your family.