Sunday, May 20, 2007

Zoe and Daddy Writing a New Song Together

Zoe helped me write some music on Saturday. What you are witnessing is the birth of a new song. It is tentatively titled, "Wherever You Go".

Thanks Zoe!


Cathy Jo said...

What talent Zoe has! She is going to be a drummer, I can see it already. You can be a family band. Daddy plays guitar, Zoe plays drums and you can both sing. Now all you need is a bass guitar player, a saxophone player, and a few others for a real band. :) :) LOL. Mom

Fern said...

Can you belive it? Mom is still trying to make a Gillice family band?! She tried and failed when we were kids, but still hasn't thrown in the towel! We love you Mom, but the world is better off without another (or even the origional) Partridge family!
Enough said.