Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm IT??

Wow, I didn't even know I was playing. Well anyway, Anna Connelly "tagged" me which apparently means that I have to tell 7 things about myself and then tag 7 more people. I've never heard of this before so Anna might just be making this up since we've never actually met (or maybe she was referring to a different Desta G). Oh well, here goes.

1 - I am not a Beet lover. Never have been. Seem a little too obvious? Well maybe it would help if I told you all that my dad LOVES them. That and liver and onions. I am sooooo serious.

2 - I know all the moves to the Macarena. Not that I've done them lately, I'm just saying, it was VERY big.

3 - I just signed up on Facebook and so that is pretty much all I have been doing for the past day. Sorry for the neglect, Zoe, but sometimes connecting with people you haven't seen for 6 years is just priority.

4 - I know every word to the movie The Princess Bride. Literally. Every Word. Ver Batim. Memorization. How else can I put this?

5 - I took piano lessons for over 10 years. From age 5 until the middle of High School when I had a major burnout. I can still play and read music but I am definitely NOT a prodigy or even close.

6 - I sew. Don't ask me to teach you, I make it up as I go along and would not want to pass along my bad habits. But I have made clothing for myself and Zoe and I've made the curtains for our house and all of Zoe's room decor (which also includes a little light quilting).

7 - I am so beyond excited for the Lost season finale tonight (except that it means an uber-long hiatus). Does that count as something? Whatever, Zoe is running a muck and I couldn't think of anything else, besides the fact that I'm a huge nerd. Straight A's and all. I even wear thicker-than-average glasses. And I miss school so much. Need more proof? I am working on some spreadsheets to plan our Disneyland vacation. Yikes. Enough said.

So, now the hard part. Who to tag? Are there even that many people who read this? Hmm. Ok, here goes - Keeks, Erin (Rivard), Joy Archibald, Fern (which means that you need to make your own blog - seriously we MISS you all so much).....umm, that's only 4, so if you feel like you want to be "IT" then consider yourself tagged.

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Anna said...

Thanks for playing along Desta :) I also did not know about the game of until I was innocently reading my cousin's blog and was "tagged." It was good to learn a little more about you. I think we did meet once, in the great place we call the Nevada City ward. I read your blog all the time and Zoe is such a cute little girl! You look like a very happy family. I am so happy for you guys! James is a wonderful guy, as you well know. Have fun with that little girl.