Friday, October 1, 2010

A Three-Park Day

As I said before, Ben and Travis graced us with their presence over Labor Day Weekend and we enjoyed having them with us. That weekend was also Payson's Golden Onion Days so we went to the park for some community fun.

The kids weren't loving Onion Days so we made our way over to Spanish Fork and the new park there. It was freaking awesome! There are tons of swings, a giant play structure, a climbing wall, and a huge fountain for the kids to play in. As per usual, I left the house unprepared for water play, but we improvised.

Next we grabbed lunch at Taco Bell and headed to another park in Spanish Fork (by the library). We found a quiet spot by a huge rose garden to eat and let the kids run around even more.

On Monday we headed back to the Way Awesome and Super Amazing Park (I think that's it's official name) and this time we were prepared for the water. So of course it was a little bit cold. The kids still had a blast but soon decided that they had had enough "playing" in the water (aka running around shivering) and we headed over to the non-water area of the park for some fun with our friends the Namannys. Do three-day weekends get any better than that?

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Marie said...

Parks, water, friends, music and Owen is already TWO!!!! What a dream. Sounds like your family is doing really well. I always wish I was along for the fun when you guys do something!