Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The word on pictures: Spring. That's when the new Photoshop comes out. Until then, I'm up a creek without photo editing software. That's also the reason I'm reverting back to the old blog background. No software = no new blog backgrounds.

The word on the new computer: Awesome. We love it and are having way too much fun playing with it. I can't wait to get the new version of Photoshop and really start tinkering around. It will be just in time to start in on a big project for my parent's upcoming 50th wedding anniversary.

The word on James: Busy. He's got some business trips coming up and as the semester draws to a close, his work load will increase astronomically - no students in the classrooms means many more chances to get in to the rooms and maintenance the media systems.

The word on Desta: Tired. Most days I feel like I accomplish very little, if anything at all. I've been staying up far too late watching the Olympics and, before that, reading. I finished all 7 Harry Potter books in about 6 weeks. Now I don't quite know what to do with myself. But chasing the kids around and cooking and cleaning are usually on my list. And if it's Thursday then I'm in full Survivor mode! Loving this season. If I get any more excited I might just have a stroke. James said I can get "Colby" tattooed on my person, so I'm just trying to pick a place to immortalize my love for him...

The word on Zoe: Princess. She loves dressing up and doing her hair. But winters are so tough for her. She goes stir crazy and really needs the interaction that the warmer weather (and playing outside) brings. Thank goodness for preschool. She's been talking more to us and asking us questions. It's a good start and I've been making extra efforts to be REALLY EXTREMELY patient with her.

The word on Owen: Words. That kid is talking like crazy. His speech isn't as impeccable as Zoe's was (who at 18 months would often declare "It's snowing outside!") but he is a great communicator. His words include:
Go! (which he shouts anytime anyone opens the door)
Fie (said while giving fives)
Snuggle (Guh-guh)
Care Bear (Ba-Ber)
Pa (for pacifier)
Gui-Gui (for blankets, he made this word up all by himself)
Hi and Bye
Hello (when talking on the phone)
Milk (Mee)
Yogurt (Go-goo)
Toast (Toe)
Water (Wa-Wa)
Noodles (doo-doo)
Peanut Butter (Pa-ba)
Cheese (tss)
Vroom (for cars)
Mooing or Barking noises (for any animal he sees)

He is the complete opposite of Zoe in every way. He loves to eat, he gets into everything all the time, he doesn't miss a chance to tell us "no," he HATES diaper changes, having his nose or face wiped, and teeth brushed, he still takes two naps a day, and he is the most social kid in the world. If you are sitting anywhere near us in church you will end up with him bringing you toys, insisting on sitting on your lap, and he will probably try to give you (open-mouth) kisses. He loves to laugh and makes silly faces, and he is a great imitator when it comes to sounds and gestures. One more month and my baby will be in nursery.

So that is the word. Oh, and I've added the word verification to the comments, not that that affects many people, but we were getting quite a few spam comments that were annoying.